Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Summer 2010

This summer as well as the previous 4 summers I went on a scrapbooking retreat with Mary and Inez and some  other friends of ours that have gone all these years. We always have such a blast! We scrapbook all night long, drink wine, get in the hot tub and of course gossip and giggle for the entire 4 days that we are there.

The past 2 years we had our retreat in Bowie, TX at Hobby House Hill. This has turned out to b our new favorite scrapbook bed and breakfast.

The back of our shirts said "The art of spending $50 to showcase a $1.50 Photo" I loved this expression because it is so true excpt my photo's don't cost $1.50 more like $.33.

This year at the retreat I got about 40 pages completed. Now to finish the year and get the pages in my scrapbook. I like to finish an entire year before putting them in my albums because I often don't work on them in sequential order and I like to put them in my scrapbooks in monthly order. To view some of my pages before I put them in my scrapbook I have an area in my scrapbook studio where I can place some of them to view every day.

Now for the FUN pictures. LOL below I have posted some of my favorite layouts from the scrapbook retreat.

Sorry about the last picture it was turned ( i took it on my iphone and couldn't get it to turn right)

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