Thursday, September 16, 2010

My COZY Space

Yes! My cozy space is my bathtub! After a long day like today its a place I can RELAX. Tonight was one of those days. I stayed busy all day cleaning baseboards with toothbrushes and making some scrapbook crafts (posting those soon).

Kent works at night so after he left, I put Lana to bed and made myself a nice HOT BUBBLE BATH, in my cozy space.
Tonight out of my handy pretty container that holds all my bubble baths (from Pier 1), I chose Moonlight Path (by Bath and Body Works) I love their bubble baths and pretty containers that look good next to the bathtub.

and of course no RELAXING bath is complete without a small glass of wine (ahhh!). Also surrounding my bathtub is some fancy soaps that came from "Paris" that smell divine. I found a cute little martini glass at target on clearance for $1.50 that I thought would hold these perfectly.
Above the window I put up a rod with a curtain, and of course being the crafter I am had to sew on by hand the black buttons on each loop to give it that final touch.

So tonight I turned off the lights, lit the candles, put on some music (Jim Brickman) and relaxed tonight in my COZY Space.

(I may have to repeat this tomorrow as I have a full day of making a Luau Birthday cake and will be on my feet all day :) )

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  1. What a lovely post! I envy you your cozy space!! Glad you have such a beautiful one. And the buttons on the curtain tabs are just PERFECT!!