Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby split paper bag album

Have no fear! your wait is over for the baby split paper bag album! I know everyone was waiting on pins and needles to see what I created (yeah right, I know) lol.  Ever since finding out that my sister was expecting triplets I have had all sorts of ideas in my head and couldnt wait to create "something". So the first thing I created was this album.and sadly to say this is not for her (*snicker)hehe it is for me to put Aunt Marie's photos of the newbies when they arrive for my desk at work.

But I AM about to start working on an album/guestbook for her and for her babyshower. I am just waiting on a couple packages to arrive to start working on that album.

This split paper bag mini album is awesome and has more room in it for pictures than I ever thought it would so that was an unexpected bonus.  If you want to know how to put this bag together view this video by following the paper trail, this is where I learned how to make this really FUN, SUPER COOL album.

Here are the pics!

On the cover I just put this fun little sticker and added a fancy flower I got at hobby lobby in the scrapbooking owl and some simple brown buttons.

For the binding on my album I simply used some canvas fabric I found at walmart. I got a quarter of a yard and just cut a strip to fit and hot glue it onto the album to cover up the edge.

This was my favorite page to create as I got to play around with my glimmer mist! I am SOOOOOO addicted to that now.

This tag I embellised with stickles.

For the most part I kept my pages and tags pretty simple since pictures will take up most of the spaces. When I get pictures I will probably embellish each page a little further.
This book has a total of 26 mats for photos, 8 pockets on the pages that holds tags, and 8 tag pockets. So you can possible put in 58 photos if you put pictures on both sides of all the tags! THATS WHAT I CALL ALOT OF REAL ESTATE!
Happy Mini Album Creating!


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Glimmer mist.

I am currently obsessed with glimmer mists. When I first got them a couple years ago I didn't use them that much and thought them more of a pain. But within the last few weeks I have used them constantly and fallen in love with them.

Currently I only have 7 but want to buy ALL of them now.

Here is a project I used them ok this weekend. The split paper bag baby album I posted about last week. Good news I completed it this morning and will do a post with tons of pictures on it this week.

Since I normally can't wait for it to dry which I think is partly the reason I rarely used them before I sped up the process by using my heat gun.

Even Lana wanted in on the glimmer mist action.

Happy glimmermisting!!
FYI yes I just made up my own word. Lol

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I'm Working On!

On Monday I went to hobby lobby to take advantage of their half off sales ( I RARELY buy anything unless its on sale) and found some cute ribbons and papers that are going to be perfect in making a baby shower guestbook/mini album that will hold baby shower pictures and all the cards my sister gets. In case you already don't know she is having triplets and me and Lana can't wait till they arrive.

The nursury is hot air baloon theme since a room in their house is already decorated and hand painted with hot air balloons. Picures of the hot air balloon wall coming soon. I ordered a hot air baloon chipboard set from my teddy boo. She is awesome and has alot of videos on you tube which is where I first saw this chipboard set which she helped design!! ( I got a notice yesterday mine was shipped yay!!) So stay tuned for a blog on that when I complete it.

This weekend I worked on a split paper bag album made with papers I got from my last haul at the little blue house. Click here to view that post. I got MOST of it completed just working on finished tags to go in it and the covers so I will be posting pictures of that hopefully within the next week or too.

This week has been a crazy week, Lana started kindergarten, took sofie to the vet where she had 3 shots and blood drawn, Lana had a meltdown not wanting to go to school on wednesday, friday I spilled my coffee at work all over my iphone, then Lana's BFF spent the night Friday. So this week has been crazy! Hopefully next week will be less hectic.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Friday card

I had this cute digital stamp from the greeting farm that I was dying to try out. Thought they would make fun cards.

My sister colored them with copic markers then I created this fun card and added stickles to hand out.

I handed them out with swizzle sticks because they reminded me of the unicorn horns.

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Chocolate Whoopie Pies

(photo by Cookies and Cups)

We were having a potluck at work and I decided to make chocolate pie's inspired by cookies and cups blog where they made cake batter whoopie pies. This is how mine turned out.

While they turned out super yummy the cookie part is moist and a little delicate probably not best for stacking or taking to a potluck. They are SUPER YUMMY with the cake batter buttercream. I used my own recipe for buttercream and added cake  mix to it instead of using their directions.

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