Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mary's triplets

Since its late and I'm tired and don't feel like typing. My blog for today is a simple photo of my sisters triplets.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You tube friend

I have a YouTube channel where I upload various scrapbooking items and craft items. I have also joined swaps in there and on one of my swaps I met a lovely woman named Carol aka onehappycraftchick on YouTube. We have messages back and forth and become friends. She is soooo nice and upbeat and happy ALL yes I said ALL THE TIME! I sent her some scrapbooking goodies and she sent me this sweet thank you card she made.

It's crazy how I have met new friends through this social media outlet. She also has a blog you can view Here

She makes wonderful paper piecing layouts she sells and yes she does custom orders check her out both on her blog and YouTube.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pulse app review

I found an app last week that I have fallen in LOVE with! I found it by following a channel on YouTube. It is called pulse

It can hold all the sites you visit on a regular basis or simple sites you want to view at a glance and has them all in one place.

You can have several pages of sites. I use this app to see all the blogs I follow all in one place and very quickly. When you find a new posting or an old posting you want to view just click on it

It will look like this and allow you to scroll down and read the post. There is even a button you can click to quickly share a post on twitter or Facebook. The blog here in this photo is my friend Amber's blogwho is expecting quads!

Her mom, Linda is also a dear friend and has a Blog too

Here is the edit feature where you can manage your sites and add any you want
The only con to this app is I can't directly respond to a post in this app which can be a bummer but overall I love this app and can get caught up on my blogs at night. (update. I was just looking at the app again and you CAN post comments just click on web at the top and it will then allow you to comment on the blog. YAY!!!
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring break recap

Lana was on spring break this week and I took the week off to to hang out.

On Monday and Tuesday we went and saw Mary and the triplets.

They are all so adorable!

We took a quick visit to the coach outlet.

I got some scrapbooking in and made some flowers with my cricut flower shoppe cartridge.

Lana's BFF spent the night.

I made my Easter cards. A more detailed post on them coming soon.

Lana and I went to cabellas to watch them feed the HUGE fish.

Then we saw Dr. Suess the Lorax. It was a GREAT movie!

I made another sweet little card!

Got some coloring done with my prisma pencils.

We took Lana four wheeling at red river. She did an awesome job riding.

I started making ruffles for Lana's birthday goodie bags. Another post coming on those later.

Then to top off the week we went and hung out at the park. We had a great time this week. Back to work and school tomorrow.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Flake cotton Sale!!

Flake Cotton Sale!
I made this cute card using this flake cotton. I wrapped it around the  frame and then I made the lollipops with it.

I used a greeting farm stamp on my card, the cricut elegant edges cartridge, the lollipops I made with one inch glue dots but you can find the tutorial making them using cardstock circles here

I recently found a ton of flake cotton at a reduced clearance price and since there are over 800 yards on the spools I decided to share by offering to sell some. I have about 50 sets I can sell so first  come first serve.

I will package the thread up nicely on these lovely spools. Each spool has 15 yards on them. It is quite a bit of  floss.

I have five colors: dark pink, light pink, dark teal, light teal, peachy coral

individu1 spools- $1.25 each
1 pack =1 spool of each color 5 total: $6.00
for a pack of 5 shipping will be $2.50 (right now only selling to the U.S. only)
if you order more or less shipping will vary, send me your zip code and I will calculate the total for you (as i dont want to overcharge for shipping)

If you would like some just message me at and I will send you a paypal invoice. Include your email address, zip code and your order.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goldilocks card

Card I made for my sister

Goldilocks stamp from kraftin kimmie

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Plastic canvas Easter bunnies

For Lana's Kindergarten class I like to think of cute little ideas to make for the holidays. This year for easter I decided to make plastic canvas easter egg holders. This idea was inspired by something I got at my craft show in Oklahoma a couple years ago.

Plastic Canvas
Cut Strips: 10 squares wide, 50 squares length (49 squares length will work as well)
White Pom Poms for tail: 1"
White Pom Poms for cheeks : 1/2"
tiny pink pom pom for nose : 7mm
Google Eyes: 10mm ( I love the eyelash ones)

I first cut my plastic canvas into strips 10 squres wide. I was able to get 6 strips out of a regular size plastic canvas sheet.

Next I cut the large strips down to 50 squares in length ( I was able to cut 6 this size which left other strips that were 49 squares in length, this size works too)

In total I was able to get 12 out of 1 sheet.

I used a multi-colored yarn I like (actually one Lana liked) and wraped one side.

When I got to the end I folded the plastic canvas and "stitched" them together

Then I continued wrapped the other side with the yarn and tucked in the end when completed.

Then glue on the features and tail

Turns out so adorable. Then just tuck a plastic easter egg you fill inside.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Peachy cheap stamp card

made this sweet card using a stamp and flowers made from cricut flower shoppe cartridge.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thank you card

Over the weekend I need to make a few thank you cards. I was able to pop out this cute little card in no time at all and best of all used  nothing but scraps (since I have way TOO many scraps).

Used a size A2 card that I get at hobby lobby 1/2 then used scrap pattern and solid papers. Used the owl from create a critter cut out at 3. I then added my own google eyes that I had left over from making sock puppets with Lana.