Monday, March 19, 2012

Pulse app review

I found an app last week that I have fallen in LOVE with! I found it by following a channel on YouTube. It is called pulse

It can hold all the sites you visit on a regular basis or simple sites you want to view at a glance and has them all in one place.

You can have several pages of sites. I use this app to see all the blogs I follow all in one place and very quickly. When you find a new posting or an old posting you want to view just click on it

It will look like this and allow you to scroll down and read the post. There is even a button you can click to quickly share a post on twitter or Facebook. The blog here in this photo is my friend Amber's blogwho is expecting quads!

Her mom, Linda is also a dear friend and has a Blog too

Here is the edit feature where you can manage your sites and add any you want
The only con to this app is I can't directly respond to a post in this app which can be a bummer but overall I love this app and can get caught up on my blogs at night. (update. I was just looking at the app again and you CAN post comments just click on web at the top and it will then allow you to comment on the blog. YAY!!!
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  1. You stay on the cutting edge of technology! I am so old school. My phone text and makes calls.

    I wonder if Summer knows about this app? SHE enjoys all the latest and advanced things.

    Amber and I were talking about Mary and how much we are learning from HER multiples. You and Mary are so amazing! I say that so often I am sure you are getting tired of hearing it - but it's TRUE!!