Friday, March 9, 2012

Plastic canvas Easter bunnies

For Lana's Kindergarten class I like to think of cute little ideas to make for the holidays. This year for easter I decided to make plastic canvas easter egg holders. This idea was inspired by something I got at my craft show in Oklahoma a couple years ago.

Plastic Canvas
Cut Strips: 10 squares wide, 50 squares length (49 squares length will work as well)
White Pom Poms for tail: 1"
White Pom Poms for cheeks : 1/2"
tiny pink pom pom for nose : 7mm
Google Eyes: 10mm ( I love the eyelash ones)

I first cut my plastic canvas into strips 10 squres wide. I was able to get 6 strips out of a regular size plastic canvas sheet.

Next I cut the large strips down to 50 squares in length ( I was able to cut 6 this size which left other strips that were 49 squares in length, this size works too)

In total I was able to get 12 out of 1 sheet.

I used a multi-colored yarn I like (actually one Lana liked) and wraped one side.

When I got to the end I folded the plastic canvas and "stitched" them together

Then I continued wrapped the other side with the yarn and tucked in the end when completed.

Then glue on the features and tail

Turns out so adorable. Then just tuck a plastic easter egg you fill inside.

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