Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 8-Mavis goes potty

Today Mavis was found in a most precarious predicament. He was found going potty in the candle holder. He even pooped chocolate chips. Lama just covered her mouth in shock and laughed.

day 7- Mavis and the advent calendar

Today Mavis was found on Lana's advent calendar. I think it was to remind her to check it everyday she forgot a few days. Lana said mavis loved to climb on stuff.

Day 6- Mavis chillin with Santa

I think Mavis was feeling homesick today. Lana found him hanging around Santa on the fireplace just chillin.

day 5- a sweet treat from the North Pole

Friday morning Mavis was found in the sleigh Lana painted with santa in it he had brought a chocolate candy bar from Santa. Lana loved it. She picked it up and said it was sooo cold. I told her Mavis must have just arrived from the North Pole.

Location:E Harmon Rd,Fort Worth,United States

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 4-Mavis Rides the Polar Express

Lana woke up this morning and immediately went in search of Mavis. She found him underneath the Christmas tree riding the train around our little house village we crafted last year. He was having a ball going around and around surely drunk off the syrup he drank yesterday. I could just hear him singing a song about Santa:
He’ll be coming around the Christmas tree when he comes
He’ll be coming around the Christmas tree when he comes
He’ll be coming around the Christmas tree, He’ll be coming around the Christmas tree
He’ll be coming around the Christmas tree when he comes
He’ll be riding 8 brown Reindeers when he comes
He’ll be riding 8 brown Reindeer when he comes
He’ll be riding 8 brown Reindeers, He’ll be riding 8 brown Reindeers
He’ll be riding 8 brown Reindeers when he comes
Oh, we’ll all be sleeping when he comes
Oh, we’ll all be sleeping when he comes
Oh, we’ll all be sleeping when he comes, we’ll be sleeping when comes
Oh, we’ll all be sleeping when he comes
He’ll be wearing a red suit when he comes
He’ll be wearing a red suit when he comes
He’ll be wearing a red suit when he comes, He’ll be wearing a red suit when he comes
He’ll be wearing a red suit when he comes
Oh, He’ll be eating cookies and milk when he comes
Oh, He’ll be eating cookies and milk when he comes
Oh, He’ll be eating cookies and milk when he comes
Oh, He’ll be eating cookies and milk when he comes
Even Sofie had to sniff around and see who this little Elf was. She even wanted her picture taken with him this morning.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3-Mavis the Sugar Lush

Today Lana found Mavis in the kitchen pantry hanging upside down drinking the syrup. He was having an excellent time and flying on a sugar high he was probably singing silent Christmas Carols a hundred miles an hour. I bet he is going to really get in a predicament tomorrow with all that sugar. Lana just laughed when she saw him and said “Mavis sure likes sweets” she got really close with a huge smile on her face and saw the straw up to his mouth to see if he was drinking it. Since Lana wanted pancakes this morning we got the syrup down she pulled the straw out and saw the syrup all the way up the straw where she then exclaimed “WOW he WAS drinking it”. It is so fun seeing Lana finding her Elf and what comments she makes.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 2- Mavis takes a Marshmallow Bubble Bath

This morning when Lana got up I thought she would go looking for Mavis right away but she sat and watched cartoons for a few minutes then she said where’s Mavis? She “barely” looked and said he is not here I thought Elf’s on the Shelf’s came every day. I told her to look some more. She then found him in the half bath. I heard her say “oh Mavis, what are you up to?” lol. Then she yelled at me to come look. I said it looks like Mavis is taking a Marshmallow bubble bath. She just laughed as she ate some marshmallows from his bath. LOL. She then noticed that he now had his name on his hat. She was very excited about that and about finding Mavis again. She was grinning from ear to ear and wanted her picture with him today. I told her Mavis sure is mischievous and she said yes he is. I asked her if she knew what that meant and she said yes she learned it at school “its when your elf does something funny” Lana said.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 1- Elf on the Shelf Meets Lana!

This morning when Lana woke up her Elf was there waiting. I woke lana up and she went to the couch to watch some cartoons before school. After a few minutes she says “do we have an elf on the shelf?” I asked her why and she said there is one right there. So I had her read the sign:
 She got all excited and kept staring at the elf asking why it didn’t move. I explained It was like the stuffed animals on doc mcstuffins and that it only comes to life when no one is around. She was like ooohh fun! She asked if he would come tomorrow I told her she would just have to wait and see. It was awesome seeing how excited she got and how the “magic” of Christmas is alive in little kids. You could see her little mind working as she thought about the elf and santa. She then said he better not see her upstairs, I asked her what she was doing upstairs. She just laughed and said nothing. Lol I can only IMAGINE! She went on to name her Elf – Elfie the Elf.
When I picked her up from Daycare and got home I saw her run into the house she then said come see, the elf was gone! She said she hoped he would come again tomorrow she had heard at school he comes back and is in different spots each day. She then told me his name was no longer Elfie but Mavis. So Mavis it is. We will have to wait and see where Mavis finds himself each day and what kind of adventures he  has while he is here this Christmas season.

Bringing Home Elf on the Shelf

After searching a while I finally found Lana and Elf on the Shelf. In his own words :
"I got plucked out of the plush toy PILE and I couldn’t believe it! after sitting there all that time underneath a ton of stuff I didn’t think I would ever get a real home. I got plucked out and was able to get out of that store with their unhelpful customer service (if Santa could have seen how they treated customers they would all be on the naughty list). This lovely lady took me home and I got to ride in style in her comfy car with leather seats. For a moment I thought I was a movie-star elf. After I got home I had to chill out for a few days before surprising my lovely new owner Lana and recieving name".

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cindy Loo Hoo Card

This week over on the greeting farm site they were having a farm fresh friday challenge and i was so fun to make my card. The challenge this week was to use a greeting farm stamp and make a project from your favorite movie.

I knew i wanted to do Cindy Loo Hoo so I went through my greeting farm stamps to see what i could come up with. I ended up using parts of 4 different greeting farm stamps to create Cindy Loo Hoo. for the main part I used do-si-do anya, then I pieced together hair from, birthday anya II, flutter anya, and dressy Anya. Took quite a while but I finally pieced together Cindy and I think she turned out sooo adorably cute!
I then made a scene using cupcakes from Birthday Anya, merry christmas paper pack, and some coloring book page I found from google and paper pieced and colored those up.
For a more detailed look at my card visit my youtube channel: m78lejeune

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Greeting farm challenge

Today I decided to participate in the double take Tuesday sketch card challenge this week. I have been wanting to use my new Anya styles stamp and this was the perfect opportunity.

Below is the sketch for the challenge.

I also wanted to use a new Christmas paper pack I got at michaels a few weeks ago..

I paper pieced her skirt and colored her up with my sisters comic markers. I think she turned out cute and matched the Christmas paper I chose. I paper pieced her hair too. I stamped her hair on a cream brown color,then ran it through my zebra embossing folder and inked it. I also used my snowflake embossing folder for the background.

Since it was Christmas and we had to use a sentiment for the challenge I wanted to use some jingle bells so I typed s sentiment up in word and printed it out then added some jingle bells to my card.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

300 Christmas Cards!

Wow it has been awhile since my last blog. Things have been so busy lately both at home getting stuff ready for the craft show, hauling Lana here and there and working a full time job I simply want to come home and crash. LOL

Anyways, I have been super busy making cards for my craft show which was this past weekend it was a success. I made over 50 packs of christmas cards with 4 cards with envelopes inside each pack along with some gift tags and santa tags.

Here is what I have been working on lately:


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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Board game fun

Lana wanted to play monopoly the other day so we pulled it put and played awhile. We pulled put the version with the credit cards and credit card machine. This made knowing how much you had and paying other players super easy. ( her la la loopy doll even made an appearance, you can see her peeking out)

Lana was having fun she even bought a couple houses. In the end she ended up winning!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy birthday Kent

Today is Kents birthday. Lana and I made him a card. I let Lana pick out image from my camping critters cricut cartridge. This picked this cute little dear that did have a "fish" at the end of the fishing pole, we changed it to presents and put "dad" on them. I then found this cute little forrest paper to use as the background. I was planning on using a background from elegant edges and then Lana wanted to use my cuttle bug and embossing folder. I told her she could pick out what she wanted, she chose the zebra which can also look like wood so it worked out Perfect for this card, and since Kent likes to hunt it worked out great for a birthday card.

On the inside Lana picked out another background from the elegant edges cartridge. she did a great job this one almost looks like a mounted dear plaque.

We also baked Kent a cake and filmed a little birthday video that turned out so cute!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Want to go on pintercation with me? Do you want to know what a pintercation is?

 PINTER-CATION: the definitin of  pretending you are on vacation or an imaginary get-away, make-believe something  or other... by  simply looking on pinterest.

I first saw this on Kandee Johnson's awesome blog. She is a makeup artist by day and a mommy by night and night,LOL because as we all know being a mommy is a 24 hour job! She has another blog you can find here. While your there stop by her youtube channels personea channel and then her makeup channel. Not only are her videos awesome she is also a happy, cheery and inspirational person. You can also follow her on fb.

Now on to my 1st Pintercation! All photo's below were found on pinterest
Doesn't these trees look so beautiful? even the picture of an old worn out bridge looks simply stunning and eye catching.

  • Doesnt this room look comfy cozy. After you take a long walk through the woods and enjoying nature imagine coming back to you litle log house to a room like this! Followed by some, wine, cheese and fruit.
For  dessert you may have something comforting like this!

Or something yummy like this!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Funny Pic Day!

I took this photo of Sofie. I took it on my iphone with a scratched camera lense but it still turned out cute. Lana had a feather boa that was losing feathers like crazy even sofie wanted to have some. HEHE!

Hope this picture made you smile today!

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