Saturday, September 22, 2012


Want to go on pintercation with me? Do you want to know what a pintercation is?

 PINTER-CATION: the definitin of  pretending you are on vacation or an imaginary get-away, make-believe something  or other... by  simply looking on pinterest.

I first saw this on Kandee Johnson's awesome blog. She is a makeup artist by day and a mommy by night and night,LOL because as we all know being a mommy is a 24 hour job! She has another blog you can find here. While your there stop by her youtube channels personea channel and then her makeup channel. Not only are her videos awesome she is also a happy, cheery and inspirational person. You can also follow her on fb.

Now on to my 1st Pintercation! All photo's below were found on pinterest
Doesn't these trees look so beautiful? even the picture of an old worn out bridge looks simply stunning and eye catching.

  • Doesnt this room look comfy cozy. After you take a long walk through the woods and enjoying nature imagine coming back to you litle log house to a room like this! Followed by some, wine, cheese and fruit.
For  dessert you may have something comforting like this!

Or something yummy like this!

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