Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello ATV Season

So pool season has to come to end. That just means its getting cooler to get the 4 wheelers out again! In two weeks we are going on a atv getaway to Mena, AR with Kent's sister, her husband, and his brother along with about 25 other people mainly from Kent's work. I can't wait. Its going to be so fun and should be very beautiful with the colors starting to change.

Before we head out on that adventure I told Kent I wanted, ok maybe "needed" a practice run before this big trip. Since it has been a few months since we last rode some rocky terrain I needed a practice run to get my confidence back up for some big hills, and rocks we may encounter. Because I have been known in the past to get a little leary and scared of some terrain. But my experience has grown now that we have had the 4 wheelers almost a year now and I now know how to manever around "most" things.

So we went out this weekend and we had a blast! Before getting started though I had to go drop Lana off at her BFF's house where she was spending all day and night with. On the way at 7:45am I stopped and got some donuts to take over to their house.

Don't those look so yummy!! I must tell you my mouth was watering because its been FOREVER since I have had a donut.(being on a diet those are NOT on my food list). So I got them and ate NONE.....well..... that may not be the entire truth..............

I did manage to eat 2 glazed donuts with my cinnamon bun coffee and I must tell you it was WONDERFUL! So I treated myself. I only allowed myself to eat 2 if I kick it up at the gym next week so I am going to work off those donuts. back to the 4 wheeling story..

On my way back to the house I stopped at walmart real fast because I couldn't find my hankerchief in case it was dusty so I picked one up at walmart and I also found this cool little hat .

So we loaded up and took off to Twin Hills Cycle Ranch in decatur, tx about 45 min from our house. We pull off the 4 wheelers and I hook up my ipod to my radio and off we go.

Now I realized a few things that I need to change/get before our big 4 day trip. The most important is that I MUST update my ipod. I need to create a 4 wheeling playlist of my songs. I had it on shuffle this weekend and quickly realized that before we go riding with 30 other people, 90% of them guys that I need better songs. I don't think Lana's songs she has on my itunes account, disney princess and veggietales would be too great blasting from my 4 wheeler with a bunch of guys around. I think they would laugh at me LOL..

I also realized, I HAVE NO IDEA where I placed my otter box for my iphone. I THOUGHT it was in Kents glove box where i normally keep it to put my phone in when we ride to a) protect it if I drop it and b) to protect it if we go through water or mud puddles. It was not in his glove box! So I have no IDEA where I took it off last. So I must find it before our trip.

Overall, riding this weekend I did great! Kent said he was surprised that I went down this 1 realy HUGE ROCKY hill. When I got to the bottom he said he thought he was going to have to walk back up and ride mine down! But I wasnt even nervous, I tackled it and beat it! JUST LIKE A PRO! ok well maybe not a pro but that of an experience rider and not a novice anymore. Although it did take me a little longer than what he did I STILL made it. I have learned to go at MY OWN PACE and not try and keep up with Kent. As 1 time I was racing to keep up with him around an enormous curve and ended up flipping the 4 wheeler. FYI it took him 15 min to realize I wasn't behind him and to come find me. I have realized that on the tricky parts to just take my time and worry about what direction he headed later if he didn't look back!

Happy riding!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

A project for ME!

Yay! I finally completed a project for myself for once! A smash book! I have been wanting one of these for awhile and I finally forced myself to put a couple hundred projects or so (lol) to the side and did something for me.

Inside the smash book you can "smash" practically anything into it. I'm going to use mine for stuff I want to keep but probably wouldn't ever make it into a scrapbook. Like this movie ticket stub.


This phot that was just lying in the kitchen junk drawer.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lion King in 3D

On Sunday afternoon I decided to take Lana to her FIRST movie in 3D and actually my first movie in 3D as well. Since the Lion King in 3D is only out for about 2 weeks we decided to go see it. I paid for the movies a matinee price which was still pricy! and I couldnt believe the childs ticket was ONLY .25 less than an adult ticket. How CRAZY is that.

Anyways I digress. So I pay for the tickets and they give us these nifty 3D glasses which Lana thought was fun to put on.

And so the movie began. It had been years since I had seen the Lion King and loved how great it was. However, I did notice that the disney animations between it and the new disney movies has sure come A LOOONG way. Lana liked the movie although she did grow  tired of wearing the glasses. For  some reason I thought the 3D movie would be COOL but I was kinda dissapointed, it wasnt all that and definately not worth it for the extra cash the 3D movies cost. However, newer movies in 3D may be better than this one so I will be willing to give it another go. JUST TO FIND OUT FOR SURE!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My atg gun!

Before you read too much into the title let me specify: it's a scrapbook adhesive gun.

I got it a few weeks ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This made me wonder how in the world did I get along without it for sooo long. Before I found this little gem I used double sided click n stick adhesive which I love too and still use but not as much anymore which is good because the atg refills are a much better bargain. You get 2 rolls in a box with 75 feet on each roll!! That's a lot of glue. This adhesive is also super strong an sticky great for pitting mini albums together.

Happy scrapping,

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pink Party!

Saturday night I went to my friend Sheri's house. She was having a "pink" breast cancer party for our dear friend Tonya who is suffering from triple negative breast cancer and just found out this week that she 8 spots in her brain. She is a dear friend and I wanted to do something to help. She is loving soups and other comfort foods right now so I thought I would make some homemade soup, cheddar cheese cornbread and honey sweet cornbread along with my much loved cakeballs.

Stew took all day to make but it was SOOO good. Normally I wait until it gets much cooler to start making stews so this was a much loved dinner.

The cheddar cheese cornbread turned out soo yummy especially fresh out of the oven with the cheese nice and gooey.

Took this picture of Lana and I before we headed over to the party.

Tonya, Sheri and I

Lana and Sheri's two girls (Cassel and Ryan)

We had to kick them out of the cakeballs, lol.

Sheri "loves to take pictures and we thought this made a good picture of everyone Facebooking on their iphones!

The Girl's LOVE TONYA!

Now for PHOTOBOOTH TYPE pictures, LOL. you are forewarned that there are TONS of pictures below this point!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Smash book supplies

Here is the blog post on supplies I used for the SPAIN edition SMASH book.


I had got these sharpies to do doodling on the pages but then I went a different route. I ended up taking the red and putting it with the book so she could journal.

Embellishment goodies at got at hobby lobby for 40% off .

They have these cool new crochet flowers in all sorts of colors now. They are SPARE PARTS brand.

Papers I used.

I bought a comp book at walart for 40 cents to use the paper out it. Then I found this journal at hobby lobby for a $1 that had some cool paper in it.

I used the paper out of the journal for the smash book and I have a bunch left over for future projects.

On some of the notebook paper I sprayed with my glimmer mist.

Cool acetate paper I found i cut to make into pages for the book.

Scored these cute paper  bags at hobby lobby.