Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random daily pics

There is a new yogurt place by us called tutti fruity. It's soooo good and most of their flavors are low carb. Her I have cake batter and sweet coconut. Yummy!!

Sunday morning when Lana woke up she found me upstairs organizing my craft room. She always likes to sit in my lap while she wakes up. Today Sofie wanted in my lap too!

Lana and I like to play with the camera on my phone.

Finally it was cool enough to eat outside on the patio.

Lana and I LOVE to read. This is Lanas pile by her bed.

Lanas friend cassel posing with her sleepover album she just got in the mail.

Lana and her scanty lamb. It smells AWESOME!

Lana holding Sofie. Sofie doesn't look too sure about that.

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