Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pink Party!

Saturday night I went to my friend Sheri's house. She was having a "pink" breast cancer party for our dear friend Tonya who is suffering from triple negative breast cancer and just found out this week that she 8 spots in her brain. She is a dear friend and I wanted to do something to help. She is loving soups and other comfort foods right now so I thought I would make some homemade soup, cheddar cheese cornbread and honey sweet cornbread along with my much loved cakeballs.

Stew took all day to make but it was SOOO good. Normally I wait until it gets much cooler to start making stews so this was a much loved dinner.

The cheddar cheese cornbread turned out soo yummy especially fresh out of the oven with the cheese nice and gooey.

Took this picture of Lana and I before we headed over to the party.

Tonya, Sheri and I

Lana and Sheri's two girls (Cassel and Ryan)

We had to kick them out of the cakeballs, lol.

Sheri "loves to take pictures and we thought this made a good picture of everyone Facebooking on their iphones!

The Girl's LOVE TONYA!

Now for PHOTOBOOTH TYPE pictures, LOL. you are forewarned that there are TONS of pictures below this point!


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  1. What a wonderful SWEET post! I am adding my prayers to YOURS!