Thursday, August 30, 2012

My current obsession

Yes, my current obsession Lipton cold brew ice tea! I keep an entire box in my desk at work. I put 2 tea bags in my big cup at work with 2 splendas with lemon. Yummy!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trying Bedtime Trials!

Lana just started back to school this week and she has been used to staying up late during the summer. So this week has been a real challenge trying to get her to go to sleep at her bedtime of 8pm. Sunday night she went to sleep around 11pm even though i put her to bed at 7:45am trying to get her to calm down and go to sleep. FAIL. Monday she didnt go o bed till 1030pm! EPIC FAIL

Last night Kent didnt have to go to go to work so he took her to bed about 8am, read a book and he laid down with her and she was out by 8:30 GRRRR....

Tonight, I took her to bed and read her a book. We read Hide and Sheep. what a cute little story!

I try laying down with her and she keeps fidgeting and moving around so not going to sleep. Then to make matters worse some teenage neighbors decide to talk real loud out front and then begin playing their trumpet! so of course Lana is wide awake!! I was on the verge of going outside and letting those teenagers have it when they stopped and Lana got still and then fell asleep at 9am! woo hoo! a little closer to her bedtime. So I snuck out and am now typing this blog.

Sweet Dreams! from our cloud to yours!

Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of 1st Grade

On the first day of first grade Lana said to me (insert music here). Today was Lanas firs day of 1st grade and she was a little nervous.

She looked so cute in her new outfit and new backpack and lunchbox

I packed her lunch for her first day and of course included a little note to surprise her mid-day!

For breakfast she didnt want me to make her favorite "bisquits and gravy" because they are not as good as grandmas. So instead we went to get donuts.

As I walked her in she didn't want to g and we walked to the hallway where the 1s graders are to wait to meet their teacher and Lana's eyes were filled with big huge crocodile tears that slowly began to roll down her cheeks she was soo nervous. She didnt want me to go. So i waited a few more minutes then a girl in her class started to talk to her and she started smiling and talking to her. I asked her if it was ok if I left and she said yes. My day at work seemed to drag by as I was hoping she was having a good day.

This year she is having to ride the daycare bus afterschool to her new daycare and I was nervous about that but she made it fine. I picked her up a little earlier than I will on the other days and she was actually disappointed to see me she LOVES her new daycare! I am so happy she loves it.

When we got home I asked her how her day was. She said she had a good time and she loved her new teacher. I asked her if she stopped crying when I left and she said yes, school got more funner.

Today she said the started making a time capsule and tomorrow they were making another page for it.

Today she brought home a crown she made in class. it was so cute.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time for Triplets

This weekend Lana and I went to visit my sister and her triplets. They are getting so big! This time we had 2 HUGE bags of clothes for Jacob.

Jacob Loved the Cothes, can't you tell. He kept looking around at the BIG PILE OF STUFF!!! LOL

We had a great visit and loved seeing the babies. Jacob, Ally and Emma.

Lana loves holding the babies. At least until they start crying LOL

My new nickname from the triplets is "Aunt Mommy" since their mom is my twin sister. I think that is funny. We will see if it sticks once they start talking

Emma was hamming it up for the camera.

In the picture below some-how out of no where Miss Ally used her most awesome super power skills to fly into the shot.

Lana felt special because Uncle Scott made Lana a homemade "fancy" drink.

Make that 2! yes 2! fancy drinks that were both delicious, even though the 2nd one was slightly sour.

Lana with her drink and she was catching Mary up on her ipad while playing her ipad at the same time! Lana already knows how to multitask!

When we were getting ready to come home Mary and Scott gave me a leather office chair! whoo hoo!! I was needing a new one for my scrapbook room since mine was broken. It is an expensive chair too. Mary said when they bought it, the sale was buy one get one for $1. She said they didnt even ask if you wanted the 2nd one just put it in the cart for them. Since they only needed one chair they had an EXTRA that she gave to me. YAY!!

My sister has her very own triplet view her blog here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun day surprise

FUN DAY!FUN DAY! the other week I was working ALOT of overtime so one day i surprised Lana when I picked her up from the sitter and took her to mountaisa! she had alot of fun

we rode bumper boats, this was her first time and she did a great job! she loved it.

And we played games.I loved the colors of the skee ball, a girly girls dream: pink and purple.

I was surprised when we saw this GIGANTIC fruit ninja game! just a super duper sized IPHONE I think I liked playing it more than Lana

1st grade meet the teacher

Tonight we had meet the teacher! Lana will be going into 1st grade already! I can't believe it. Her new 1st grade teacher's name is Ms. Shue. She is super nice and I am sure Lana is going to have a fabulous year.

She was a little nervous so she asked if she could bring her pink bunny in to meet the teacher and I said she could, she said she was really nervous.

When we walk in we notice Lililiana will be in her class again one of her friends fro Kindergarten, the were both EXCITED to see each other.

We also saw Nolan, who's mom Andrea is a friend of ours and who also teaches 5th grade at the school. Nolan and Lana will be in the same class this year! I am EXCITED about that! His mom is also crafty so it will be battle of the class goodies for class parties and activities I am sure.

Lana and I decided to make a card for her teacher on meet the teacher night. Lana picked out the apple from my cricut cartridge and chose all the papers. She said she wanted a smiley face on the apple so I let her pick out a peachy keen stamp for the face. I cut the apple from the recess cricut lite cartridge and put it on an action wobble! I love action wobbles they are so fun!

when we were at office depot picking up the last of Lana's supplies this past weekend we saw this cute apple post it note holder and Lana wanted that for her teacher too so we picked that up as well.

The Bunny Band!

the past few days Lana has been "obsessed"with her build a bear animals, especially her bunny ones. I was in my craft room when she came in and announced her and her "bunny band" was going to put on a show. I thought it was so cute I had to take a picture

on another note my bluetooth thin keyboard for my ipad that I won off ebay came today, and since my ipad is more portable and convenient to carry around I do all my blogging on my ipad which can take more time using the onscreen keyboard. I sit here typing this blog on my new keypad and I LOVE IT. Will take a little time getting used to it but its tons better than the onscreen keyboard for blogging. YAY! i need to keep up with my blogs and this will make it tons easier!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Youtube anniversary!

Monday August 27th marks my 1 year on YouTube! Woohoo! And I have over 200 subscribers. Who knew people would actually want to watch what I make. I have made some awesome crafty buddies on YouTube from all over. My friend carol at onehappycraftychick is an exceptional person and friend who I met who is one amazing person!

To celebrate my 1 year anniversary I am having an awesome giveaway. In this giveaway you will win this pile of STUFF! You can view the details over on my YouTube channel: m78lejeune.

Included in this pile of stuff is the must-have-can't-live-without-it LIMITED EDITION Tiffany blue martha stewart score board! Woohoo! Who doesn't need a little "Tiffany" in their life! And since I have no real Tiffany jewelry this is probably the closest I will get. Lol because yes I did buy one for myself!

See the Tiffany blue score board in the below pic in all it's fine glory. Lol

Have fun and don't forget to enter my giveaway.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sandbox upgrade

The picture below is how Lana's "old sandbox" used to look. It was about 5 years so it had faded and since we used a plastic pool the plastic was becoming brittle and breaking.

We decided it was time for a new sandbox just in time for her back to school mermaid party. We went to Walmart to see if they had any large plastic pools but they didn't have any left in stock since its nearing the end of summer. So we ended up going to home depot and buying supplies to make one. At home depot Lana thought it was fun to ride on the cart that we put the wood and sand on. I should have taken a picture of that but I didn't realize I would want that picture until I was writing this post. (note to self: take pics of everything just in case. Lol)

We bought some wood and some stain. All the stain was over $30 and that was just way to much. I finally some a can on the top shelf they had marked down on clearance of $8 and we decided that would work. Of course Lana wanted to help so in between pool breaks she would help roll on the paint. She mainly wanted to help roll the paint on the new boards so she could see the color go on.

The color turned out really nice and goes well with other items and the pool tile very well.

Then when we got ready to screw the boards together Lana wanted to help again. She is such a good little helper.

After we put the boards together and leveled it on the ground it was time for the fun part: the sand! Woo hoo! We used the sand from her old box plus 10 bags of new sand and we will probably go get at least 5 more bags to make it really full.

The new sandbox turned out great! And a major upgrade from her old sandbox and she loves, loves, loves it.