Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st grade meet the teacher

Tonight we had meet the teacher! Lana will be going into 1st grade already! I can't believe it. Her new 1st grade teacher's name is Ms. Shue. She is super nice and I am sure Lana is going to have a fabulous year.

She was a little nervous so she asked if she could bring her pink bunny in to meet the teacher and I said she could, she said she was really nervous.

When we walk in we notice Lililiana will be in her class again one of her friends fro Kindergarten, the were both EXCITED to see each other.

We also saw Nolan, who's mom Andrea is a friend of ours and who also teaches 5th grade at the school. Nolan and Lana will be in the same class this year! I am EXCITED about that! His mom is also crafty so it will be battle of the class goodies for class parties and activities I am sure.

Lana and I decided to make a card for her teacher on meet the teacher night. Lana picked out the apple from my cricut cartridge and chose all the papers. She said she wanted a smiley face on the apple so I let her pick out a peachy keen stamp for the face. I cut the apple from the recess cricut lite cartridge and put it on an action wobble! I love action wobbles they are so fun!

when we were at office depot picking up the last of Lana's supplies this past weekend we saw this cute apple post it note holder and Lana wanted that for her teacher too so we picked that up as well.

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