Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Youtube anniversary!

Monday August 27th marks my 1 year on YouTube! Woohoo! And I have over 200 subscribers. Who knew people would actually want to watch what I make. I have made some awesome crafty buddies on YouTube from all over. My friend carol at onehappycraftychick is an exceptional person and friend who I met who is one amazing person!

To celebrate my 1 year anniversary I am having an awesome giveaway. In this giveaway you will win this pile of STUFF! You can view the details over on my YouTube channel: m78lejeune.

Included in this pile of stuff is the must-have-can't-live-without-it LIMITED EDITION Tiffany blue martha stewart score board! Woohoo! Who doesn't need a little "Tiffany" in their life! And since I have no real Tiffany jewelry this is probably the closest I will get. Lol because yes I did buy one for myself!

See the Tiffany blue score board in the below pic in all it's fine glory. Lol

Have fun and don't forget to enter my giveaway.

Open to U.S. residents only
Be a subscriber on my YT channel.
Comment one time on my YT video for 1 entry.
Do a video response to my giveaway for 3 extra entries
Post a comment on my giveaway blog for 2 extra entries
Do all three and get 1 extra entry.


  1. Mollytgger (You Tube)

    Happy One Year Anniversay! Please enter me in your awesome giveaway!

  2. Great giveaway, thank you for the chance to win.

  3. Hey girl!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the giveaway! HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ((: !!! Just started following your blog, can't wait to explore! Gonna make a video response where you can find on my channel, mufasa706. Thanks so much for a chance &GOODLUCK to all ((:

  4. Happy 1 year Anniversary love your yt channel and your blog thanks for the opportunity to win all the fabulous prizes

  5. What a great giveaway! Happy 1st year anniversary! I'd love to be included in this drawing!

    Michelle aka

  6. Hi please enter me I'm now going to try to figure out how to sub to you. Hugs

  7. Thanks for the chance to.win! Love your videos!

  8. Aww sweetie I <3 you too!!! =) I thought I was following your blog already but it seems not. I'm NOT good at following blogs but I will make an effort, promise. I need to go log in to add you or whatnot, it will take me a couple minutes but I'll do that right now. CONGRATS on your one year honey!!! It looks like you started just two days before I did! Congrats again!
    aka OneHappyCraftyChick

  9. Congrats on your 1 Year Anniversary!! Always enjoy your videos! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a generous prize!! Hugs!! Susan

  10. Congrats and enter me please. Thanks.

  11. So sweet of you & congrats on the anniversary! Please enter me!

  12. A ginormous congrats and Please Enter Me.

  13. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the chance to win some crafty goodness! I left a comment on your video (LadyInnominate) as well. :0)

  14. Happy anniversary, I subscribed to your youtube, and would love to win this prize package. Thank you

  15. So happy for you! Congrats Marie! :)

  16. Happy anniversary!!! I LOVE skee ball!! (earlier post ;o....AWESOME giveaway...YT name PurpleNPinkPassion ;o) Thanks!

  17. Wow, such a great prize. Thanks forthe chance to win!
    Hugs & scraps,
    Andrea E.

  18. Thank you so much for the chance to win a great prize. How exciting reaching your 1 year anniversary. Congrats.!

  19. Great giveaway and I love your blog! happy to find and follow you!

  20. Happy Anniversary to you!!! My little Grand Daughter loved seeing your Giveaway Video and Loved seeing your little Girl getting ready to go to First Grade.She's in Kindergarten and is sick today. I am a new follower of your Blog and Sooo Excited for the chance to win your Awesome Giveaway! So Sweet of you! I left a comment on your Video, but don't do youtube Video's. Again, Thank you for the chance to win! :0)