Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun day surprise

FUN DAY!FUN DAY! the other week I was working ALOT of overtime so one day i surprised Lana when I picked her up from the sitter and took her to mountaisa! she had alot of fun

we rode bumper boats, this was her first time and she did a great job! she loved it.

And we played games.I loved the colors of the skee ball, a girly girls dream: pink and purple.

I was surprised when we saw this GIGANTIC fruit ninja game! just a super duper sized IPHONE I think I liked playing it more than Lana

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  1. i'm new to you and your daughter is cute! i wanted to make a comment for your giveaway because i think it is a awesome giveaway. thanks for giving your old subbies and new ones alike a chance to win.
    josie (hellokittyfancrafter yt)