Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time for Triplets

This weekend Lana and I went to visit my sister and her triplets. They are getting so big! This time we had 2 HUGE bags of clothes for Jacob.

Jacob Loved the Cothes, can't you tell. He kept looking around at the BIG PILE OF STUFF!!! LOL

We had a great visit and loved seeing the babies. Jacob, Ally and Emma.

Lana loves holding the babies. At least until they start crying LOL

My new nickname from the triplets is "Aunt Mommy" since their mom is my twin sister. I think that is funny. We will see if it sticks once they start talking

Emma was hamming it up for the camera.

In the picture below some-how out of no where Miss Ally used her most awesome super power skills to fly into the shot.

Lana felt special because Uncle Scott made Lana a homemade "fancy" drink.

Make that 2! yes 2! fancy drinks that were both delicious, even though the 2nd one was slightly sour.

Lana with her drink and she was catching Mary up on her ipad while playing her ipad at the same time! Lana already knows how to multitask!

When we were getting ready to come home Mary and Scott gave me a leather office chair! whoo hoo!! I was needing a new one for my scrapbook room since mine was broken. It is an expensive chair too. Mary said when they bought it, the sale was buy one get one for $1. She said they didnt even ask if you wanted the 2nd one just put it in the cart for them. Since they only needed one chair they had an EXTRA that she gave to me. YAY!!

My sister has her very own triplet view her blog here

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