Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trying Bedtime Trials!

Lana just started back to school this week and she has been used to staying up late during the summer. So this week has been a real challenge trying to get her to go to sleep at her bedtime of 8pm. Sunday night she went to sleep around 11pm even though i put her to bed at 7:45am trying to get her to calm down and go to sleep. FAIL. Monday she didnt go o bed till 1030pm! EPIC FAIL

Last night Kent didnt have to go to go to work so he took her to bed about 8am, read a book and he laid down with her and she was out by 8:30 GRRRR....

Tonight, I took her to bed and read her a book. We read Hide and Sheep. what a cute little story!

I try laying down with her and she keeps fidgeting and moving around so not going to sleep. Then to make matters worse some teenage neighbors decide to talk real loud out front and then begin playing their trumpet! so of course Lana is wide awake!! I was on the verge of going outside and letting those teenagers have it when they stopped and Lana got still and then fell asleep at 9am! woo hoo! a little closer to her bedtime. So I snuck out and am now typing this blog.

Sweet Dreams! from our cloud to yours!

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