Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of 1st Grade

On the first day of first grade Lana said to me (insert music here). Today was Lanas firs day of 1st grade and she was a little nervous.

She looked so cute in her new outfit and new backpack and lunchbox

I packed her lunch for her first day and of course included a little note to surprise her mid-day!

For breakfast she didnt want me to make her favorite "bisquits and gravy" because they are not as good as grandmas. So instead we went to get donuts.

As I walked her in she didn't want to g and we walked to the hallway where the 1s graders are to wait to meet their teacher and Lana's eyes were filled with big huge crocodile tears that slowly began to roll down her cheeks she was soo nervous. She didnt want me to go. So i waited a few more minutes then a girl in her class started to talk to her and she started smiling and talking to her. I asked her if it was ok if I left and she said yes. My day at work seemed to drag by as I was hoping she was having a good day.

This year she is having to ride the daycare bus afterschool to her new daycare and I was nervous about that but she made it fine. I picked her up a little earlier than I will on the other days and she was actually disappointed to see me she LOVES her new daycare! I am so happy she loves it.

When we got home I asked her how her day was. She said she had a good time and she loved her new teacher. I asked her if she stopped crying when I left and she said yes, school got more funner.

Today she said the started making a time capsule and tomorrow they were making another page for it.

Today she brought home a crown she made in class. it was so cute.

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