Friday, April 30, 2010

DIY Ribbon Holder!

Day 2 of continuing Mother's day scrapbooking projects and cleaning, I mean organizing  my scrapbooking room. As I was organizing I found a big bag of ribbon I had bought when it was on sale for $.77 a roll at Michaels and needed a ribbon holder of some kind. I had seen one online and I went to look to see how much it was. To my astonishment it was a whopping $64! Crazy!!
As I was looking up at my shelves where I "pictured" putting this rack IF I broke down and  bought it I thought hey I have some railing below where the shelves are and I could place some metal hooks, hang a dowel rod between the two and make my own RIBBON HOLDER. So I went to home depot and bought the supplies (COST ME ALL OF $5). And it worked out PERFECTLY! Saved me $60 woohoo! I am so excited that now all my ribbon is in plain view.(and I even have room to add a second row when I need it).
On another note Lana started her 1st Scrapbook went good until she got frustrated with the glue and threw her book LOL. (Pictures of her first scrapbook coming soon). So that's all I have to blog about today! Short but at least its a post. LOL.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Scrapbooking Room!

I love my scrapbooking/crafting room. I am lucky enough to have an entire room devoted to crafts! I have definately  made it a space of my own (aside from one small art center for Lana).

This rooms tends to get messy quick though. I cleaned it up this morning and enjoyed scrapbooking some mothers day cards while Lana was busy entertaining Natalie. I am so glad they played together and I was able to get some stuff accomplished.

I have a spot for everything, I have a couple pegboards: one I use for tools and other embellishments and the other is solely devoted to my CRICUT CARTRIDGES. I LOVE my cricut machine.

Another favorite spot in this room is an area where I can hang up some of my latest scrapbooking pages to show them off before I get them into their designated scrapbook. I also love my clip it up "spinny" rack full of my "goodies" aka "EMBELISHMENTS". I love shopping for deals on scrapbooking supplies and most I get when they go on sale for 50% off or on clearance! (My favorite sites for scrapbook supplies arePEACHY CHEAP and Peachy cheap has a deal of the day and most of the time is 50-80% off retail. is where I buy most of my Cricut Cartridges as they are normally around $30 at least half price is not more than hobby lobby.

Today I was able to get a couple mother's day cards made(I even used my sewing machine on the cards). Now to finish "scrapping" the rest of the presents!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A "Plant"-iful Surprise

As I was watering Lana's Garden that Grandma and Grandpa made her and watering the other plants by the pool something made me stop and look in one of the planters on the back covered patio. Here I have about 5 pots where at the end of last summer I had put some "fake" flowers into several of the containers because I couldn't keep anything real alive that wasn't a bulb plant or hard-to-kill-because-of-lack-of-water plant. I looked in the container with the "fake" sunflowers and thought to myself I didn't put those kind of  fake flowers in there, so I took the "fake" flowers out and behold another type of flower was growing! and they were gettting BIG!

Turns out some of the real flowers I had planted at the beginning of last summer were not dead but only dormant. So I took the container put it more into the sun and watered it. Looks like it may be blooming soon. I believe this is the plant that produces an orange and red tropical flower that is absolutly gorgeous! I can't wait to see this plant that I "forgot" about and that definately "surprised" me BLOOM this summer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wow! how time flies!

I can't believe that TODAY I have a 4-year-old. These past 4 years really have flown by and I can't believe Lana will be starting kindergarten next year!

Today Lana and I had a fun filled day. After the gym I told Lana it was her day and she could do whatever she wanted. So after the gym we went and got a bisquit at McDonalds then we went and got our nails done, Lana also got her toes painted and they even put little flowers on her fingers and toes. SHE LOVED GETTING PAMPERED!

Next stop, was Grandma Munsch's we had a great afternoon with Grandma and Aunt Dijon. Aunt Dijon took us for a ride with her jeep. It was fun but it sure was WINDY. Lana and I both got new hairdo's thanks to all that wind. LOL.

After we left there it was dinner time so we again went to McDonalds to eat and I let Lana play for awhile. When we got home Lana checked the mailbox and was SURPRISED that she had two BIRTHDAY CARDS all for her in the mail today with money in them. One card was from Daddy and the other from Mommy! Lana then rode her bike and then took a nice relaxing bubble bath.

We sure had a great day together, it was busy and full of FUN. Now time to relax.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lana's Roller Skates and New Bike!

For months when you asked Lana what she wanted for her birthday she never waiverd from wanting a Bike and Roller Skates. So that is what she got for her Birthday and she was soooo excited. She was a little nervous at first on her roller skates but is beginning to get the hang of it.

She also LOVES her new PRINCESS BIKE! She took a couple spills and skinned  her knee but she made it through. She is now not allowed on her bike without her princess knee pads.

I finally figured it out!

After creating my blog several months ago I finally figured out how to create AWESOME backgrounds. I initially got frustated about not finding the cute MUST HAVE background but now have begun the process thanks to Linda's blog I visted her shabbyblog site to find some backgrounds.

Now that I have mastered to some extent this skill I can begin my daily or weekly blogs! I am so excited to begin.

Of course I figured it out on the day I should be writing a 3,500 word paper for my MBA class but I keep procrastinating and goofing around on the web. I have 1,200 words down only 2,300 more to go and  I have 8 hours left to write it, proofread and submit it. Hmm.. really should get back to it but was so excited to share my news.