Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Scrapbooking Room!

I love my scrapbooking/crafting room. I am lucky enough to have an entire room devoted to crafts! I have definately  made it a space of my own (aside from one small art center for Lana).

This rooms tends to get messy quick though. I cleaned it up this morning and enjoyed scrapbooking some mothers day cards while Lana was busy entertaining Natalie. I am so glad they played together and I was able to get some stuff accomplished.

I have a spot for everything, I have a couple pegboards: one I use for tools and other embellishments and the other is solely devoted to my CRICUT CARTRIDGES. I LOVE my cricut machine.

Another favorite spot in this room is an area where I can hang up some of my latest scrapbooking pages to show them off before I get them into their designated scrapbook. I also love my clip it up "spinny" rack full of my "goodies" aka "EMBELISHMENTS". I love shopping for deals on scrapbooking supplies and most I get when they go on sale for 50% off or on clearance! (My favorite sites for scrapbook supplies arePEACHY CHEAP and Peachy cheap has a deal of the day and most of the time is 50-80% off retail. is where I buy most of my Cricut Cartridges as they are normally around $30 at least half price is not more than hobby lobby.

Today I was able to get a couple mother's day cards made(I even used my sewing machine on the cards). Now to finish "scrapping" the rest of the presents!

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  1. How incredible! You are so take after yor mother who is the craftiest lady I know! And is't it FUN to craft things? SO much better than simply buying a card or gift. Not to mention less expensive and more meaningful as well. I am in a real 'use what I have' mode....and coming up with some nice ideas! LOVE, love, LOVE your crafting room!!