Friday, April 30, 2010

DIY Ribbon Holder!

Day 2 of continuing Mother's day scrapbooking projects and cleaning, I mean organizing  my scrapbooking room. As I was organizing I found a big bag of ribbon I had bought when it was on sale for $.77 a roll at Michaels and needed a ribbon holder of some kind. I had seen one online and I went to look to see how much it was. To my astonishment it was a whopping $64! Crazy!!
As I was looking up at my shelves where I "pictured" putting this rack IF I broke down and  bought it I thought hey I have some railing below where the shelves are and I could place some metal hooks, hang a dowel rod between the two and make my own RIBBON HOLDER. So I went to home depot and bought the supplies (COST ME ALL OF $5). And it worked out PERFECTLY! Saved me $60 woohoo! I am so excited that now all my ribbon is in plain view.(and I even have room to add a second row when I need it).
On another note Lana started her 1st Scrapbook went good until she got frustrated with the glue and threw her book LOL. (Pictures of her first scrapbook coming soon). So that's all I have to blog about today! Short but at least its a post. LOL.

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