Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A "Plant"-iful Surprise

As I was watering Lana's Garden that Grandma and Grandpa made her and watering the other plants by the pool something made me stop and look in one of the planters on the back covered patio. Here I have about 5 pots where at the end of last summer I had put some "fake" flowers into several of the containers because I couldn't keep anything real alive that wasn't a bulb plant or hard-to-kill-because-of-lack-of-water plant. I looked in the container with the "fake" sunflowers and thought to myself I didn't put those kind of  fake flowers in there, so I took the "fake" flowers out and behold another type of flower was growing! and they were gettting BIG!

Turns out some of the real flowers I had planted at the beginning of last summer were not dead but only dormant. So I took the container put it more into the sun and watered it. Looks like it may be blooming soon. I believe this is the plant that produces an orange and red tropical flower that is absolutly gorgeous! I can't wait to see this plant that I "forgot" about and that definately "surprised" me BLOOM this summer.


  1. Don't you love surprises like this? I do, too!!

  2. Yes I love those kind of surprises