Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello ATV Season

So pool season has to come to end. That just means its getting cooler to get the 4 wheelers out again! In two weeks we are going on a atv getaway to Mena, AR with Kent's sister, her husband, and his brother along with about 25 other people mainly from Kent's work. I can't wait. Its going to be so fun and should be very beautiful with the colors starting to change.

Before we head out on that adventure I told Kent I wanted, ok maybe "needed" a practice run before this big trip. Since it has been a few months since we last rode some rocky terrain I needed a practice run to get my confidence back up for some big hills, and rocks we may encounter. Because I have been known in the past to get a little leary and scared of some terrain. But my experience has grown now that we have had the 4 wheelers almost a year now and I now know how to manever around "most" things.

So we went out this weekend and we had a blast! Before getting started though I had to go drop Lana off at her BFF's house where she was spending all day and night with. On the way at 7:45am I stopped and got some donuts to take over to their house.

Don't those look so yummy!! I must tell you my mouth was watering because its been FOREVER since I have had a donut.(being on a diet those are NOT on my food list). So I got them and ate NONE.....well..... that may not be the entire truth..............

I did manage to eat 2 glazed donuts with my cinnamon bun coffee and I must tell you it was WONDERFUL! So I treated myself. I only allowed myself to eat 2 if I kick it up at the gym next week so I am going to work off those donuts. back to the 4 wheeling story..

On my way back to the house I stopped at walmart real fast because I couldn't find my hankerchief in case it was dusty so I picked one up at walmart and I also found this cool little hat .

So we loaded up and took off to Twin Hills Cycle Ranch in decatur, tx about 45 min from our house. We pull off the 4 wheelers and I hook up my ipod to my radio and off we go.

Now I realized a few things that I need to change/get before our big 4 day trip. The most important is that I MUST update my ipod. I need to create a 4 wheeling playlist of my songs. I had it on shuffle this weekend and quickly realized that before we go riding with 30 other people, 90% of them guys that I need better songs. I don't think Lana's songs she has on my itunes account, disney princess and veggietales would be too great blasting from my 4 wheeler with a bunch of guys around. I think they would laugh at me LOL..

I also realized, I HAVE NO IDEA where I placed my otter box for my iphone. I THOUGHT it was in Kents glove box where i normally keep it to put my phone in when we ride to a) protect it if I drop it and b) to protect it if we go through water or mud puddles. It was not in his glove box! So I have no IDEA where I took it off last. So I must find it before our trip.

Overall, riding this weekend I did great! Kent said he was surprised that I went down this 1 realy HUGE ROCKY hill. When I got to the bottom he said he thought he was going to have to walk back up and ride mine down! But I wasnt even nervous, I tackled it and beat it! JUST LIKE A PRO! ok well maybe not a pro but that of an experience rider and not a novice anymore. Although it did take me a little longer than what he did I STILL made it. I have learned to go at MY OWN PACE and not try and keep up with Kent. As 1 time I was racing to keep up with him around an enormous curve and ended up flipping the 4 wheeler. FYI it took him 15 min to realize I wasn't behind him and to come find me. I have realized that on the tricky parts to just take my time and worry about what direction he headed later if he didn't look back!

Happy riding!

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