Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3-Mavis the Sugar Lush

Today Lana found Mavis in the kitchen pantry hanging upside down drinking the syrup. He was having an excellent time and flying on a sugar high he was probably singing silent Christmas Carols a hundred miles an hour. I bet he is going to really get in a predicament tomorrow with all that sugar. Lana just laughed when she saw him and said “Mavis sure likes sweets” she got really close with a huge smile on her face and saw the straw up to his mouth to see if he was drinking it. Since Lana wanted pancakes this morning we got the syrup down she pulled the straw out and saw the syrup all the way up the straw where she then exclaimed “WOW he WAS drinking it”. It is so fun seeing Lana finding her Elf and what comments she makes.

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