Monday, December 3, 2012

Bringing Home Elf on the Shelf

After searching a while I finally found Lana and Elf on the Shelf. In his own words :
"I got plucked out of the plush toy PILE and I couldn’t believe it! after sitting there all that time underneath a ton of stuff I didn’t think I would ever get a real home. I got plucked out and was able to get out of that store with their unhelpful customer service (if Santa could have seen how they treated customers they would all be on the naughty list). This lovely lady took me home and I got to ride in style in her comfy car with leather seats. For a moment I thought I was a movie-star elf. After I got home I had to chill out for a few days before surprising my lovely new owner Lana and recieving name".

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