Friday, March 16, 2012

Flake cotton Sale!!

Flake Cotton Sale!
I made this cute card using this flake cotton. I wrapped it around the  frame and then I made the lollipops with it.

I used a greeting farm stamp on my card, the cricut elegant edges cartridge, the lollipops I made with one inch glue dots but you can find the tutorial making them using cardstock circles here

I recently found a ton of flake cotton at a reduced clearance price and since there are over 800 yards on the spools I decided to share by offering to sell some. I have about 50 sets I can sell so first  come first serve.

I will package the thread up nicely on these lovely spools. Each spool has 15 yards on them. It is quite a bit of  floss.

I have five colors: dark pink, light pink, dark teal, light teal, peachy coral

individu1 spools- $1.25 each
1 pack =1 spool of each color 5 total: $6.00
for a pack of 5 shipping will be $2.50 (right now only selling to the U.S. only)
if you order more or less shipping will vary, send me your zip code and I will calculate the total for you (as i dont want to overcharge for shipping)

If you would like some just message me at and I will send you a paypal invoice. Include your email address, zip code and your order.

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  1. I had never heard of flake cotton before! You know EVERYTHING!!