Monday, August 29, 2011

Glimmer mist.

I am currently obsessed with glimmer mists. When I first got them a couple years ago I didn't use them that much and thought them more of a pain. But within the last few weeks I have used them constantly and fallen in love with them.

Currently I only have 7 but want to buy ALL of them now.

Here is a project I used them ok this weekend. The split paper bag baby album I posted about last week. Good news I completed it this morning and will do a post with tons of pictures on it this week.

Since I normally can't wait for it to dry which I think is partly the reason I rarely used them before I sped up the process by using my heat gun.

Even Lana wanted in on the glimmer mist action.

Happy glimmermisting!!
FYI yes I just made up my own word. Lol

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