Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crayon Crafts

My brothers little girl spent the weekend with us. As normal when she spends the night unwanted to have some fun activities planned. Thanks to my friend Misty and Pinterest app i found the perfect project! CRAYON CANVAS ART. This project came at the perfect time too because all supplies were on sale for back to school. Crayons were $.39 per 24 count box and 2 pack canvas was only $3.99 so Lana and Sophia had a fun project for less than $3 each. AWESOME!

Here is what you need:
Canvas any size
Blow dryer or heat tool
Hot glue

First: hot glue crayons onto top of canvas(we took out brown,black and white)

Lana was not in a good mood at this point in the process(look at her cute little mad face )

Sophia glued her crayons first. Then it was Lana's turn(note her happy face)

Next: melt crayons put heat source SUPER close to the crayons.

Note: if using a hair dryer it sprays almost everywhere so put lots of newspaper down.

The finished products:

Lanas was made with the hair dryer

Sophias was made with the heat tool. The heat tool made the crayons drip straight down while the hair dryer blows the colors around.

Craft number 2
Lana and Sophia wanted to make another project. (i think only because they wanted to use the heat tool to melt stuff.

We took the wrappers of all the remaining crayons and chopped them up.

Then they mixed colors together and put them in mini muffin tins.

Then the heat tool melting began.

We then put in the freezer for about 30 min. They popped out super easy.

Happy crayon crafting!

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  1. Great ideas! I hope to use these with my grandkids!

  2. That is so cool I think I am gonna have to try that with my two girls!!! Thanks for the idea