Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fabric Flowers

Yesterday and today I have been a little busy making some fabric flowers for my Aunt's Garden Party meeting. I made these flowers into brooches that they can wear. They turned out cute!

Making these flowers is a process. Lucky for you I took pictures along the way and will share. (if you want this little flower tutorial in a beter PDF format I have that I can email to you just let me know)

These are the fabrics I started with. My Aunt wanted pink and brown colors.

I cut the material into 4" circles I used a paper circle made with my cricut machine.

I then cut the circles in half

Then I folded them in half and pressed them wrong side out with an iron to make sure they lay flat.

Then I sewed up the open straight edge side

I sewed them in one long string. After they are sewn cut them all apart and turn them right side out.

these are turned right side out and are now ready to be sewn together

I used quilting thread to thread 8 petals onto a string. Tie the string together at the end tight to form a flower.

Next, add a matching fabric button. I made the fabric button using a button kit. (walmart or hobby lobby)

The front sides are finished

To finish these I added a small felt circle and hot glued a pin to the back.

My flowers with all the backs

Of course the flowers could have been finished at the picture above this one but I wanted to incorporate some scrapbooking and made these cute little flower pot cards to put the pins on to make them extra cute to hand out. ( I used cricut cartridge "walk in my garden" and cut them at 3").


  1. Love these fabric flowers! I made Kanzashi flowers. Thanks for sharing these!