Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Top Cupcake!

For a recent customer I created some ladybug cupcakes for their little girl's first bday along with 2 banners, party hats, and invitations. For the little girls "smash" cake they wanted a larger cupcake so this is where the big top cupcake came in and the first time I used it.

The invitations were two sided and turned out very cute! However making "40" of them made me realize how many small pieces there were. Thanks to mom who came down and helped me finished them as I had become overwhelmed and frusted with the many "small" pieces. The entire banner said "Happy 1st Birthday Makenna" with a ladybug" at the end.

I made 6 dozen of these cute ladybug cupcakes in hot pink foil liners, that turned out better than expected.

Now for the rest of the BIG TOP CUPCAKE story

When Sophia came to visit for a few days she just had to make the "BIG TOP CUPCAKE" so I made it into a fun activity for both Sophia aka "FIA" and Lana.

Sophia's nickname is "FIA" because when Lana was smaller that is all she could say of her name so that nickname has "STUCK".

I made the big top cupcake parts the day before as they each take an hour to cook and an hour to cool in the pan.

So first things first when you "bake" you must get on your APRONS. and of course "pose" for pictures as I have to get pictures of every step of the process for scrapbook pages! LOL
Next, more posing for pictures and making the pink frosting

Then comes posing with all the sprinkles they had available to choose from in which to decorate their cupcakes.

Then came the "FUN" part for the kids (as taking the photos is mine) the decorating part!

The final step is showing off the finished product.

The girl's and I had a blast making these big top cupcakes and they tasted great too!

*this summer I made several cakes for friends and family and have about 6 more ordered for this month so stay tuned for a blog that is dedicated to all of make baking creations this summer!"


  1. hey marie! just found your blog, joined your followers. glad you got it going!! you are so talented in the baking arena, love seeing all your sweet treats.

  2. thanks amber! I am glad i finally got my pictures working again, i have a bunch of stories to catch up on this week. Including a bunch with cake and baking pictures.