Sunday, September 19, 2010

Las Vegas!

This past June we went to Las Vegas as my graduation present. We went with Mary and Scott. We got the VIP treat to and from the airport in a LIMO. This was my first time in a Limo and it was cool. The limo driver said that he had just dropped off Hulk Kogan that morning. That was neat!

We stayed at the Caesar's Hotel and it was a nice hotel! As we were waiting in line to check in these greek characters came up and we could take pictures.
We had fun seeing all the sites and taking pictures.

Me and Mary  had to go by the new store in the Miracle Mile, SUGAR FACTORY. We got some cool bedazled lolipops.
We even took a Helicoptor ride over the Grand Canyon. This was my first time in a Helicoptor and I was very nervous but it was actually alot of fun, (aside from the fact there was no AC) it was  a pleasant ride.
We went downtown to Old Vegas where Kent tried on this hat. I told him it made him look like Guy Feririr ( mispelled I know).

I even ran into an old friend from here in Dallas from my old job.

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  1. Vegas is really dfferent! I ws there in Oct. 2008 when Amber and her synchro team competed in a masters meet! Loved seeing all the pics of the things you did out there!