Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Graduation Day!

This june I finally completed my MBA degree after a year and a half of hard work. I even managed to graduate within the top 5% of my class and was asked to speak at the Graduation ceremony. Being as I hate speaking in front of people let alone a few thousand with my picture on the jumbo tron I passed but being asked to was a BIG honor.

The graduation ceremony was held at the new Cowboy Stadium! It was awesome, especially to have the opportunity to walk on the field and see where the football players hang out. The waiting area is AWESOME, with big screen tv's and what looked to be a bar.

Lana got all dressed up for mommy's big day and looked so cute in her dress. Of course she picked the "twirly" dress.

After the ceremony we had to go out the opposite way we came in and ended up having to walk around at least half if not more of the stadium to get back out front.

Being the middle of July it was very hot, and th sun was very bright which is why we are all squinting.
After the ceremony we headed back home to my graduation party where of course I made the cupcakes and goodie bags.


  1. I am SO glad you are blogging again so I can SEE this!! Congratulations!!! What an awesome accomplishment and what a wonder YOU are!!