Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lana's First Smore!

Earlier this week we went online searching for a firepit that was reasonable, the right size, and that would look good next to the pool. We found one and ordered it. To our surprise it came in only a few short days later. Kent put it together yesterday morning. Last evening turned out to get a little cool and we were able to make our first fire in it.
Of course to break in the firepit I wanted to teach Lana how to make yummy SMORES! and of course to get pictures of her first marshmellow roasting for my blog and for her scrapbook. She had a great time roasting the marshmellows.

Then I showed her how to make and eat her very first smore!

She liked the smore however she was more interesting in the chocolate inside it. She had fun roasting the marshmellows.

It was so nice sitting outside enjoying the fire.

I can't wait to use the firepit again!

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  1. LOVE the pic with all your feet up! We have an outdoor fireplace and use it quite a bit. Think we will be looking for a new one next year...I got mine in 2004! At Mimi camp we always have a fire at night (even if it's hot!) and roast marshmallows. I would love to try your mom's chocolate gravy this year!