Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I LOVE when inspiration strikes!

I love it when you are trying to think of something cute to make for an event and then all of a sudden an idea pops into your head. This is what happened to me when trying to think about gift bag ideas for my upcoming party!

I took the below supplies:

and created a cute gift bag and tin!

I knew these silver tins would come in handy one day! I got them while in Wichita Falls for free! (I got about 6 boxes of 30) and have held on to them for about 4 years. They have been in the back of my mid but never thought of a way to use them until TODAY! (I knew my saving EVERYTHING craft related would pay off one day!)

Now I am thinking about what I can put inside the tins. I though about pink, green, and black customized m&m's but decided I didn't want to pay $16.99 per 7oz bag. With 20 or more to make that may be pricy. Thinking about getting plain pink, green, and black m&m's instead at only $7.99 per bag (but still deciding, any suggestions would be fabulous).

I feel good that I created a sample of the gift set and my scrapbook room is a total wreck now with Lana using it as her play area today.)

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