Monday, May 3, 2010

Botanical Gardens

Today we went to the botanical gardens. They were in FULL BLOOM and it was sooo pretty. The gardens made for great pictures. So much so that I had a hard time deciding which few to post on my blog.

The rose gardens were really spectacular and SMELLED WONDERFUL! Lana had a good time smelling all the roses and how each type had a different smell. She smelled one rose which had a really sweet smell and she said that one smelled like STRAWBERRIES!

At one part of the gardens you could smell roses and honeysuckle and sweet wonderful aroma that we couldn't get enough of. While we didn't see any honeysuckle you could smell it in the air.

There was a very pretty waterfall that made for a gorgeous picture. We tried to get Lana to sit on the rock by the waterfall but she had already had enough and didn't want to take anymore pictures.

There were so many pretty flowers and I got some really good pictures.

Lana and I had our picture taken by the BIG water fountain.

There were some pale pink rose arches that were full of blooms and there were rose petals raining down on us. Lana had a great time playing in the "Petal Rain". She ran around trying to catch and smell them.


  1. Loved the tour....was this in Fort Worth? Louis Dean and I may need to see this...he loves roses!!

  2. Yes the botanical gardens in fort worth! They have a lot of roses everywhere and an entire large garden with over I would say 20 types of roses