Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brown Sugar Frosting

I tried a new recipe out this morning "Brown Sugar Frosting" from one of my mom's friend and my friend, Linda. I always love trying out new recipes and get especially thrilled when they turn out perfectly. I made mini butter pecan bunt cakes and put this delicious frosting on top of them.
Here I am melting the brown sugar and butter (mmmm)

Now I put the mixture into a mixing bowl and added the other ingredients (milk and powdered sugar). I only  had a little bit of powdered sugar as I used most of it making a wedding cake and grooms cake yesterday and when I added the powdered sugar was still a little too runny for my taste (it tasted wonderful though), so I thought what am I going to do? I thought about using flour but then remembered I had a bag of white cake mix saved (I use this when I need to flour any baking pans) and added 3 T of that to the frosting. I tasted it and it tasted GREAT! The cake mix helped cut down on the sweetness a bit.

On another note the mixing bowl pictured above the cow print bowl is part of a 3 mixing bowl set that is my absolute FAVORITE! They are sturdy have a pouring lip on them and have a rubber lined base on the bottom so they won't slide. A girl at work gave them to me on my birthday and they get plenty of use.

I was surprised at how much frosting this made. I thought it was only going to make a little but as you can see from the picture above it made plenty!

Here is the finished product they look so YUMMY! I had a cake break when getting it out of the pan and I put frosting on that one and ate it and it was so YUMMY! I am going to take these when we go visit Kent's mom tomorrow for mothers day! Thanks Linda for sharing your recipe with me.

I had some cake batter left over from the grooms cake so I made mini chocolate bunt cakes and the frosting is chocolate can frosting I had that I melted in the microwave for 30 seconds then dipped the cakes into.

I think I like baking more than eating the final product, although I can never resist a bite which is good since I am on a diet, but I love finding people to share my creations with!

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