Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cakes and Ratatouille

Today I started baking the cakes for a wedding I am doing both the Brides Cake and the Grooms Cake. It is a 3 day event to get all of this baking finished. While I was baking the layers one of my 14" layers cracked and broke when I got it out of the pan. (I put the cake in a zip lock and put in the deep freeze to make cake balls at a later date).
When I make big cakes like this I have to remove the candles, and photo's on top of the wine buffet and make it into a "Cake Bar" to hold my cakes until they are finished in order to get them out of the kitchen.
After a day like today baking all these cakes my kitchen aide mixer gets a workout and need cleaning itselfl.
I would have to say out of all my kitchen "gadgets" my kitchenaide mixer is my absolute favorite and I use it for everything. This is actually my 2nd kitchenaide mixer as I had to get a new one that was more professional grade for all of my cakes. (I still have my 1st one-a white one that I use when I make large cakes). Tomorrow I will be using both mixers as I have 16lbs of buttercream to make to cover and decorate the cakes. I also have to bake and finish the grooms cake complete with over 6dozen chocolate covered strawberries).

A New Recipe
I decided to try a new recipe tonight a vegetable ratatouille. I got it out of the oxygen magazines I read. I need to try out some new recipes that I can eat on my diet.
I cut all the vegetables and got it to cooking.
I must say for having only vegetables in it this meal was quite tasty.

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  1. We have KitchenAide as well...Louis Dean was a professional baker in his earlier life....we have been through a couple of them!! How great you are doing this!! LOVED yor post!!! keep them coming!!!