Sunday, July 15, 2012

The magical tooth fairy debacle

Lana lost another tooth! This time she lost one of her BIG front teeth. She even remembered me telling her she would get more money for the bigger teeth! This came after she lost one of smaller teeth and she claimed that $2 was not enough money (how could argue with her here you can't buy anything nowadays for $2 anymore). Anyways I got off subject back to the GREAT TOOTH FAIRY DEBACLE.

Lana's best friend Natalie spent the night, and we had been gone most of the day at a baby shower (of which I was a hostess and I was up most of the week late and up till 4:30 am Saturday morning on top of working over 60 hours that week at work making goodie bags and caramel popcorn, trail mix and over 3 dozen cupcakes) that I decided I would "cheat" a little bit on the tooth fairy.

Normally, the tooth fairy brings Lana a fun little bag with money, sparkles or glitter, and something with a tooth on it so Lana knows the tooth fairy came. But this night since I was so tired I decided to cheat and just put $5 under her pillow. Little did I know that bright and early like around 4 or 5 am Lana wakes up and comes into my room saying with an I don't believe it attitude, with an air of princess disgust look on her face and said "look the tooth fairy JUST brought me this!" like she couldn't believe that was it.

Serves me right I guess for going over the top all the other times. She then left the room and I felt so awful.

So a couple hours later I got up to get ready to go to the grocery store by myself like I normally do while she sleeps and kent is there to watch her.
I decide to run up to my craft room to get a tooth fairy bag ready real quick. So I ran up, got a bag, added some jewels from my stash, cut out a tooth and added a fun flower to pin to the money of which I then added $2 dollars so it would be different.

I ran back downstairs quickly found the $5 she had already seen and stashed it all back under her pillow HOPING that when she woke up she would forget she already woke up and found the money: NO SUCH LUCK!
So I return from grocery shopping and Lana and Natalie are still sleeping. I just finish putting up the groceries when they wake up. I hear Lana call me and she says,"look what the tooth fairy brought!" this time in a happy and excited voice. Then she says that wasn't there earlier only the $5 was. So I had to think of something quick. I told her I guess she woke up too soon and the tooth fairy wasn't done putting your surprises under your pillow. Thats why you shouldn't wake up in the middle of the night. She just laughed. And I silently thought to myself "YES! She bought it!"

I know one day she will catch on that the tooth fairy is not real or finds tooth fairy surprise stuff stashed among my scrapbook supplies but for now she still believes in magical tooth fairies and I love that.

Ps.. I hear Lana and Natalie playing and hear Natalie say, " the tooth fairy never brings me that, why?" uh oh! Sorry Natalie's mommy. Lol

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