Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strawberries, Chocolate, & Bread, oh my!

I got up early this moring to get to the grocery store before anyone else woke up. This way I can shop in peace without Lana trying to put everything into the shopping cart. While shopping I got hungry for breakfast and thought of my friend Amber's Blog and the delicious and nutritious breakfast/snack she had on one of her blogs and decided to try it out. I tweaked her recipe a little by  using a couple different ingredients:

Ingredient List:

1 - Toasted Dark Rye Bread, 70 Calories
1t- Nutella, 50 Calories
1t-Fresh Whip Cream, 6 calories
1 lg fresh strawberry cut into slices, 5 calories

Grand Total: 131 calories
Not too bad for my Breakfast that includes almost all food groups.

I had this along with a tall, cold glass of water for Breakfast. YUMMY!!



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