Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shopping and Planting Flowers

On Sunday, I decided to take a trip to Home Depot to get some colorful flowers to plant in the pots that I have around the pool that current only had green potato plants in them. I decided the pots needed more colors in them. So Lana and I headed off in search of some pretty flowers, but first Lana had to wear her hat and told me to wear my hat too, so we did!

We took the above photo in the parking lot of home depot! People walking by probably thought I was crazy taking a picture in the middle of   the parking lot.

Lana and I found all sorts of beatiful flowers, Lana offered to stand by a flat of flowers for her picture to be taken and I was ready with my camera! (iphone comes in handy to take pictures on the fly-perfect for  blogging).

When we got home we planted the flowers in all of the pots. Or shall I say, I planted the flowers in the all the pots while Lana put on her swimsuit and jumped into the pool.

I loved mixing all the different types of plants into all of the pots to add a variety of types and colors to each pot.

I just had to take a picture of this pink hisbiscus it was so pretty ( and in my favorite color-PINK ).

These stones I made during the course of a couple years with Mom down on Lake Murray where a friend of hers lets people come into her home and create these wonderful works of art. I placed them on the path that leads to the pool equipment and they add a splash of color to the grass.

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