Saturday, May 28, 2011

Princess In Progress

After swimming for a little while yesterday afternoon. Lana came in and wanted to take a bath with a new bath set she picked up with Grandma, when Grandma had come down to watch her after her birthday. They ended up having to take back about 5 duplicate gifts and this is one of the items she came back with.

Its a little mermaid bath set. Including:: mirror that attaches to the tub, bath foam, a headband for her hair, and a door tag that says: do not disturb: princess in progress.

First things first Lana put on the headband.

Then she put the door knocker on the door

Got out the bath foam.

And, of course wouldnt be final until she got out her Little Mermaid boat and her 3 little mermaids to play with in the bath tub. She then got in and told me to close the door. When I came back in a few minutes later she said in her "princess" voice. "leave the princess in progress, I am not ready yet!" LOL.

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  1. How cute is THAT??!! Treasure each memory...I know you DO! They grow up so fast. Just look at YOU!! (I made a poem!)