Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter wonderland tag swap

Winter Wonderland Tag Swap hosted by Iowa2308 on youtube.
I have entered another swap and I really had a great time making these tags.
Below are some pictures of my workspace while my tags were "in progress"

Surprisingly enough this is the cleanest workspace mid project I think I have had in awhile. An objective of mine this year is to clean as I go and "try" and keep a neat workspace.

We had to use the colors : blue,and white. I wanted to use my cricut imagine on this project. I printed my own paper using the Mr. Frosty cartridge and cut the snowman out at 4" from the Snow angel cartridge. I cut the snowman out and stickles the bottom with silver dust and a teal color to look like ice and snow. I wanted to create a 3d snowman. My first thought was I wanted to use an action wobble to make him wobble back and forth but they were out of stock. Their website said they would be back in stock mid december but I checked everyday and they didn't become available till the beginning of this week. So I knew I wouldn't have time to order them and then wait for them to get here to make my tag swap deadline. I tried to make my own but they weren't the same.

So I plan on ordering some and using them on different projects and swaps this year. So, since I wanted a 3d effect I cut out the layers of the snowman, glossy accented the cap and pop-dotted up the snowman pieces.

I absolutely love the back! I added a fun charm! I am really enjoying making charms. I think its because I watched project accessory and my inner "jewelry designer" was unleashed into making scrapbook charms. I used my martha stewart drippy goo punch to make icicles.

I packaged them in clear cellophane.

Then I created some snowman pockets to put the tags in to go with the snowman theme.

Happy Crafting!
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