Monday, December 5, 2011

Slumber party cake

For my niece's 10th birthday party she had a slumber party, we had a BLAST! It was so fun. To celebrate her birthday of course she wanted AUNT MARIE to make the cake since I make the best cakes EVER.. (just kidding, Im not the best baker or cake decorator in the world but they are made with LOVE).

To make the cake I first put on one of my CUTE aprons! Today I chose the pink girly one.

Then I began to stack the cake. Sophia wanted half chocolate and half white cake.

To make it extra thick and the bed "super soft and comfy" I added a second layer. After all you have to have a box springs and mattress. LOL

Then I placed the twinkies on top to see how many I could fit. In the wrappers I could only fit 8 but for some reason when I took them out of the wrappers and cut them in half I could fit 10 on there, which was perfect since there were 10 girls at the slumber party.

For the pillows I used marshmallows. I simply cut them in half.

Made teal blue frosting for the bed.


Lana wanted to help, so she used the fondant tool to help "iron the bedspread" and make it  nice and smooth.

I left a little strip in the middle of the cake to put the twinkies, this way it doesnt use more icing since I was running low. LOL.

I then placed the twinkies on top.

Then I put more icing over the twinkies and smoothed it out. It was at this step that I turned around to  make the pink icing and I hear a LOUD SCREAM from Lana. I turned around to see what was wrong and she said, "what are you doing your suffocating them!"pointing to my cake. I said lana that is just their bodies under that blanket I havent put the heads on LOL.

I then scored the twinkie bodies with my knife, then smoothed them down.

I added the marshmallow pillows and started adding the heads

The fun blanket decortions I made a fun pink color

The BIRTHDAY GIRL! She Loved her Cake!

The cake was a success. Most of the girls wanted to eat their heads LOL. so they got picked off.

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  1. That is the cutest cake idea EVER!!!