Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cookies for Santa

On Christmas Eve, as per our "tradition" we set out to make cookies for Santa.

First, we must get our christmas aprons on!

Then roll out the dough

Then, cut shapes with our cookie cutters

Bake the cookies

Then, I put a white border of color flow icing around the edges to hold the liquid icing.

Cookies are mostly done, we flood filled them with watered down color flow icing. This is a great icing because after a few hours it hardens and then you can package them very nicely.

Lana then had to add sprinkles. Lana had a "more is more" sprinkle attitude

While I had a "less is more" sprinkle attitude.

Then, Lana got out her Santa plate.

Then, she expertly picked out cookies she knew Santa would like.

This year we decided to make Santa a "fancy" milk glass. We dipped the rim of the glass in melted chocolate then rolled in sprinkles. I set it in the freezer for a couple minutes for it to harden.

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  1. How perfectly ADORABLE you both are!!!
    Those cookies look fantastic! Bet they tasted good, too!